Sewer Line Replacement & Repair

& Sump Pumps

  • Clogged or broken sewer lines can cause a lot of concerns to property owners and their tenants. The problems should be addressed as quickly as possible, but this is not possible unless the right people are hired for the job. The experts hired for cleaning or unclogging the system must have the necessary knowledge and experience besides having proper tools.

Inspecting the Sewer Line

Sewer lines are hidden out of view in most cases, and it is not easy to identify the areas that have problems. Modern sewer line inspection methods involve the use of specialized cameras that allow inspection teams to view areas that are hidden away from sight. The images received from the cameras help the experts know the right action to take to solve the problem at hand.

Repairing Broken Lines

Unclogging sewer lines using drain cleaning equipment is easy. However, the problem becomes more complicated if the line is damaged and requires replacement or repairs. Some factors such as the roots of vegetation, shifting ground, and wear and tear can damage the pipes.

Our experts are trained in the modern methods of detecting such problems using technologically developed devices. It is highly recommended that the inspections of the sewer lines be regularly conducted to identify any defects. If defects are observed, they should be fixed immediately to avoid making the problem more complicated.

Signs That You Need to Repair Your Sewer System

A sanitary sewer is an underground system that transports sewage from commercial buildings and houses, through pipes, to treatment or disposal plants. Sanitary sewers form part of an overall sewage system, part of which is public domain maintained by your city or municipality.

Here are the warning signs that you need a sewer line repair:

  • Foul odor caused by sewage not reaching main sewer lines
  • Sewage back up in bathtub or toilet
  • Not enough water in toilet bowls
  • Flooding by sewage lines due to leaking pipe joints
  • Bathtub drains do not drain.

Commercial Plumbers Can Resolve Sewer System Issues

Commercial plumbers inspect the damage, determine any material or equipment requirements, and design a solution to replace or repair pipes. They are also able to plan installations around obstructions such as main water lines or electrical wiring. They are able to install pipe assemblies, fittings, valves, or fixtures such as sinks or toilets.

Some common problems with sewers include sludge and sediment buildup and tree roots to give just a couple of examples.

Don't rely on just any plumber for your commercial plumbing needs. This is an extensive and complex job that requires the skills of a local plumber experienced in this type of work. You should demand minimum disruption, disorder, expense, and delays. That's what we deliver at The Great American Plumbing Co, Inc.

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    Sump Pumps

    • When a flood occurs, a sump pump is the only thing protecting your business from total disaster. Sump pumps work by collecting floodwater in a sump basin that's located beneath the basement. The pump then works to transfer the water to a more ideal area such as a storm drain. This helps to ensure no water reaches the ground floor to cause damage.

    Sump Pump Maintenance

    To keep everything running smoothly, your sump pump needs regular maintenance. Regularly testing your sump pump will ensure it's working in case of an emergency. In some cases, the sump basin may need to be cleaned to remove dirt and other debris that may block the pump.

    Sump Pump Repair

    Over time, the parts of your sump pump may wear out or become damaged. If your sump pump isn't operating normally - or isn't working at all - you should call a professional to inspect it and repair or replace any broken parts. Neglecting to repair or properly maintain a sump pump can create big problems for your business.

    Here are some of the most common sump pump problems:

    • Loss of power: If your home loses power, so does your sump pump. To prepare for this, you may want to consider buying a battery backup for your sump pump.
    • Blocked discharge lines: If your sump pump's discharge lines are blocked, it cannot transfer water out of the home.
    • Lack of maintenance: Problems with a pump's float, worn out parts, and built up debris can all result from a lack of sump pump maintenance.

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