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Water Heaters

  • Tank less water heaters, gas. Electric, propane

    We provide the installation of water heaters be it of any kind, the tank-less, gas, electric, and propane. We keep the requirement and budgets of our clients in our minds and give the most effective solution as what should be installed and is also efficient based on their usage. Traditional or tankless, we can help you determine the right water heater to install in your home or office. Our tech will make sure there is full assistance provided in operating the heater for future usage.

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        Garbage Disposal Repair

        • Garbage disposals are the unsung heroes of many kitchens. As diligent as you may be in preventing large pieces of food from going down the drain, there will always be a certain amount that slips through and gets caught in the pipes. Your garbage disposal is there to shred food waste into pieces small enough to pass through the plumbing easily. You might not know how much you rely on it—until it breaks down.

          Repairing your garbage disposal is meant to make your life a little easier, so do yourself a favor and develop a few good habits when you’re using the disposal. Treating it with respect will ensure it stays in working condition for as long as possible, and you won’t have to deal with a broken or ineffective garbage disposal very often. Here are a few things to remember:

          • Use cold water when you grind food. Hot water can melt fats that will end up clogging your pipes once they cool.
          • Don’t overfill your garbage disposal.
          • Always run water before and after using the disposal.
          • Don’t put bleach, drain cleaners, or other chemicals down the unit.
          • Don’t try to grind bones, coffee grounds, or overly fibrous materials (like corn husks). Also avoid disposing of things made of glass, metal, or rubber.
          • Never use your hand to pull material out. Use tongs or pliers instead.

          But following the rules doesn’t work in hindsight, and even following them perfectly doesn’t prevent your garbage disposal from clogging or breaking down. That’s why Great American Plumbing Co. plumbers are here to help. If your garbage disposal is in need of repairs, look no further than your local Great American Plumbing Co. Call us, and our expert plumbers will have your routine back to normal in no time.

          Installation A garbage disposal is one of those things you never realized you needed until you have to go without it. With a good garbage disposal, you’ll spend a lot less time scraping food into the garbage—or fishing your soggy dinner leftovers out of the drain. If you’re considering adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen, the plumbers at your local Great American Plumbing Co. can help you not only choose the right model, but also make sure it is installed correctly.

          What kind of garbage disposal do I buy?

          There can be a balance struck between what unit can most efficiently break down waste, durability, and cost. The plumbers at Great American Plumbing Co. can help you sort through your best options before installation. If you’re on the fence about whether to add a garbage disposal to your kitchen or you want to upgrade the one you have, think about all the ways it can save you time. Just remember, like any other appliance, you have to treat your unit with respect if you want to avoid frequent garbage disposal repairs. For more information on garbage disposal installation or to schedule a service call, contact Great American Plumbing Co. any time 24/7. We’re here to get you the disposal right for you!

          Maintenance: Even if you’re careful about what you put down your garbage disposal, the blades and pipes are still bound to go through some wear and tear. Keeping everything clean is a great way to make sure your garbage disposal doesn’t break down—and even if it does, you can always call Great American Plumbing Co. for a quick and easy repair. Get rid of built-up sludge and debris by filling it with ice cubes and a cup of rock salt, then running it for about five seconds. If your garbage disposal smells bad, deodorize it by grinding a lemon while you run warm tap water.

          What kinds of food don’t go into a garbage disposal?

          Making sure your garbage disposal lasts is all about how you treat it—and a big part of regular maintenance is knowing how to use your unit properly. Never put the following materials down your garbage disposal:

          • Stringy vegetables (asparagus, celery, corn husks): The fibrous strings get tangled up in the disposal blades.
          • Starchy vegetables (potato peels, beans): They expand and cause water to thicken, leaving a soupy mess that will clog up pipes.
          • Grease and oil: When it cools down, grease and oil will clog up your pipes and become difficult to clean.
          • Bones: They’ll just keep spinning around and around the blades, and if they make it down the drain, they’ll clog up the pipes.
          • Egg shells: The shell’s membrane lining can stick to the sides of the disposal and wrap around the shredder.
          • Fruit pits (peach, avocado): They are too hard to be ground up easily and could damage the disposal blades.
          • Coffee grounds: They’ll pile up in your drain and cause a sludge-like mess that’s hard to clean up.
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